Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tom Brady

Turnovers, as we learned again on Sunday, are what makes the difference in the NFL, especially if you are playing against Tom Brady. In the second half he absolutely shredded our defense with his no huddle and our secondary was not able to properly make their calls in order to stop him. I want to take a look at how Tom Brady fared when facing different numbers of rushers just like we did in the last game. All stats were cut off after the Jets were stopped at the Patriots 38, which effectively ended the game with 6 minutes to go.

2-man rush: 1/1, 23 yds
3-man rush: 2/3, 16 yds, TD
4-man rush: 13/20, 141 yds
5-man rush: 6/8, 106 yds, 2 TDs
6-man rush: 1/1, 9 yds
7-man rush: 1/2, 12 yds

Surprisingly, Brady fared better against the 5 man rush than the 4 man rush which also happened the last time these two times these teams faced each other. We all know it throws off Brady's timing when he is pressured but the Jets were unable to do that even when sending 5, which also left one less man in coverage. Now let's take a look at how Brady fared against man and zone coverage.

Man: 20/30, 265 yds, 2 TDs
Zone: 5/7, 52 yds, TD

Obviously the Jets play a lot more man coverage than zone and when you have Revis and Cromartie you should. Brady completed a higher percentage of his passes against zone which is to be expected, Brady had to complete his last 8 passes against man coverage to get up to 66%.

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